Our Story

Founded by

Robert Chua

Legendary Singapore-born TV producer, Robert Chua, has been a household name in Hong Kong over the last five decades. He is most known for creating the popular long-running program “Enjoy Yourself Tonight”. A passionate food lover, he has travelled the world to find the best of traditional food culture.

At the age of 67, he re-invented himself and ventured into the food and beverage industry to share his love for the Best of Hong Kong, introducing to the world the best of Hong Kong Dim Sum and Roast Foods.

In 2013, he brought the Michelin-starred dim sum brand Tim Ho Wan and in 2016, another Michelin-starred brand Kam’s Roast Goose to Singapore. Currently Kam’s Roast is in Jakarta, Manila, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and is set to open soon in Melbourne and Tokyo.

He is now bringing the best Drinks and Delicacies from HK to the shores of Singapore. Look forward to famous egg tarts, distinctive Hong Kong Milk Tea and fragrant Pineapple Buns – all of which are part of Hong Kong Cultural Heritage List registered with UNESCO.


  • Share the traditional tastes of Hong Kong snack food with the world.
  • Introduce well-known Hong Kong brands through our JLT platform.
  • Socially Responsible company which will offer:
    • Permanent 1/2 price discount on Hong Kong Milk Tea to seniors (aged 60 and above) for their enjoyment.
    • Priority franchising opportunity assistance to young adults (aged 18-35) and seniors (aged 60 and above) who are keen to start their own dynamic business.
  • Continuously develop popular items to introduce to the market.