The Hong Kong Heritage registered by
Hong Kong Government at UNESCO

Hoover Cake Shop 豪華饼店


Pastry/Cookie skin/Collagen/22-carat French Gold Flakes/Pandan/ Dark Chocolate


Hong Kong Government published a list of intangible cultural heritage items that the city should protect with UNESCO, one of which is the egg tart, a very popular Traditional Chinese local dessert, an all-time favorite!

Hoover Cake Shop’s Master Chef-Owner with decades of experience under his belt, is acclaimed as Hong Kong’s Egg Tart (Dan Tart) King. He takes pride in his mouth-wateringly delicious fragrant tarts. His tarts are made using carefully chosen Australian ingredients, a special blend of fine butter and the best premium flour mixed with top-quality eggs. The custard filling of these velvety baked treats is smooth, creamy, not too sweet, and rich-flavored with a golden glistening shine and a luscious piping hot fragrance.

The multiple layered puff pastry crust  (酥皮), each made by hand, taste almost like a croissant but crispier, soft and loose with clear separated layers while the buttered cookie crust (牛油皮)is tender yet firm, and crumbles in your mouth with a perfect balance of buttery goodness.

The buttery pastry crust of an egg tart paired with its creamy egg custard center is a heavenly combo.

Using only premium fish collagen imported from Korea, this egg tart with a twist makes a befitting gift for discerning friends who enjoy some natural supplements in their food.

The Gold Egg Tart is flecked with 22-carat edible French gold flakes, which lends a touch of sophistication and ups the aesthetic factor. Gold is a symbol of abundance, wealth and luck, and hence this egg tart will make a wonderful gift for your loved ones and colleagues!

Coming with a beautiful green hue thanks to the natural pandan extract, the Pandan Egg Tart is sweetly perfumed with the signature scent of the plant and is a unique offering that stands out in the sea of yellow egg tarts.

Not too sweet or heavy, the Dark Chocolate Egg Tart is a luscious treat. Enjoy the oozing, rich 72% dark chocolate, which makes a great accompaniment to the buttery crust and silky custard.

Every oven-fresh, piping-hot egg tart delivers a delicious fragrance that melts in your mouth and lingers on your fingertips, leaving you craving for more!

Kam Kee Cafe's 金記冰室


Original/Butter/Kaya/ Luncheon meat/Golden Salted Egg

In June 2014, the Hong Kong government listed with UNESCO the Pineapple Bun, as an item included in the city’s “living cultural heritage”.

JLT follows the recipe of Kam Kee, a decades-old Hong Kong style café serving the most authentic Hong Kong Pineapple Buns (Bo Lo Bao) made with a premium blend of flour. Firm on the outside with a sweet, crumbly golden crust which looks like a pineapple that almost covers the entire surface for sufficient crunch in every bite.  It is soft and fluffy on the inside; the bun is also stuffed with a generous slab of fragrant luncheon meat, kaya or premium butter in the middle (Bo Lo Yau) that melts within the soft warm bread making it the perfect balance of crumbliness and crunch. 

Fresh creamy premium buttery salted egg yolk spread smoothly over the surface of the bun, resulting in a beautiful golden bun with a crispy crust. There is a harmonious blend of sweet and savoury in every bite – a delicious and addictive must-try item!

It is one of the must-eats in Hong Kong, now you can have the exact perfect Bo Lo Bao in Singapore!

Kam Kee Cafe's 金記冰室



Hong Kong-style Milk Tea is a tea drink made from a blend of 3 different black superior quality teas from Sri Lanka. It is Hong Kong’s most iconic beverage.

A mix of the region’s colonial and Chinese influences has resulted in a creamy, soothing drink that is delicious both hot and cold.

Ranked number 4 in Hong Kong cuisine and also listed with UNESCO on the representative list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Hong Kong.

JLT’s authentic HK-style milk tea uses Kam Kee’s secret recipe and is the unrivalled beverage that is rich in texture, smooth, velvety, gloriously creamy and bursts with aromatic flavour. A soothing drink that’s delicious both hot and cold.

The milk tea is a seamless marriage of richly-brewed flavours and the thick classic European premium evaporated full cream milk makes it moderately sweet and balanced to excellence.

JLT also serves HK Milk Tea with Collagen, a drink that not only keeps your skin beautiful but is nourishing and healthy to your physical well-being!

Our Menu



Using Kam Kee’s Hong Kong Milk Tea, JLT offers a Singapore exclusive – Pearl of the Orient. This is the only Hong Kong-style bubble milk tea in Singapore.

JLT uses only top quality ingredients, special blend of premium black tea leaves from Sri Lanka, mixed with full bodied Fresh quality milk from Europe, and the not-too-sweet brown sugar, topped by chewy tapioca balls known as “pearls”. The chewy texture pleasantly compliments the Hong Kong milk tea and gives the drink its unique trademark.

The flavour and texture of the tea are created by the chemical reactions between the tea, milk, brown sugar, and the bonds between the starch in the tapioca balls. Every beverage is handled with care and made to perfection.

The creamy texture and the flavourful mixture of an icy beverage filled with chewy tapioca balls makes it perfect for quenching your thirst on a hot day!

Hong Kong Milk Tea is not a trend, it’s a staple.



The “Pearls of Joy” series uses healthier pearls compared to the usual tapioca pearls: Seaweed Jelly Pearls and Lychee Popping Pearls. The seaweed pearls are firmer and have fewer calories. The Lychee Popping Pearls have a delightful texture — bite into each pearl and lychee juice oozes out.

There are three new cold bubble fizzy drinks in this series, each a fusion of Hong Kong and Singapore influences: Lychee Fizz 荔枝蘇打, Sour Plum Fizz 酸梅蘇打 and Honey Lemon Fizz 檸檬蜜蘇打. Boasting a sweet fragrance, lychee is a popular fruit in Hong Kong, used as an ingredient for many beloved Hong Kong desserts. A palate cleanser, sour plum invigorates the senses with its sweet-sour note. Boasting medicinal properties, honey lemon is used traditionally to soothe the throats; it is also good for the vocal cords. 

Joy Luck Teahouse Special

An Elixir from Ancient China

八寶茶 (春回堂)

JLT’s special Eight Treasures Herbal Tea (Ba Bao Cha) is a drink that is safe to consume every day – it neither creates too much inner heat nor cools the body excessively – A perfect balance for the body from inside out!

This ba bao cha comprises a special blend of chrysanthemum, dates, licorice, hawthorn, tangerine skin, wolfberries, green tea and rock sugar. The tea is reputed to be the Empress Dowager’s secret to achieving beauty, longevity and youthfulness.  Delicate with fruity notes, this beverage helps to detox, improve blood circulation, hydrate dry skin, remove dark under eye circles, balance “qi” and fight fatigue. 

Martin Lam, owner of 100-year-old Chinese Herbal Shop “Good Spring Company” said that drinking this tea is beneficial for the body. 

Singapore Special



The Milo Yin Yang is a unique drink created by Joy Luck Teahouse.

Served hot or with ice, this beverage is made with quality coffee, premium tea and milo chocolate malt.  Coffee is believed to lower the risk of diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and heart disease. The premium black tea contains antioxidants that help to improve gut health, reduce blood pressure and lower sugar levels. Similarly, milo contains high levels of antioxidants, with the ability to lower cholesterol and prevent memory decline.

This combination is not only tasty but also healthy!

Hong Kong Special



This traditional Cantonese pastry boasts a thin flaky crust, which wraps a slightly chewy filling of premium mashed, slightly sweet, candied winter melon.

Each Lou Po Beng is served fresh from the oven. It follows a secret recipe that owner and legendary TV producer Robert Chua himself treasures – he has lived in Hong Kong for over 50 years and found this version to be the best.

Singapore Special



Original/Hae Bee Hiam

Joy Luck Teahouse works with the same supplier in Hong Kong that supplies to the top 10 chee cheong fun stores in Hong Kong, one of which is a Michelin Plate Award recipient. This collaboration has allowed Joy Luck Teahouse to come up with an authentic Hong Kong-Style Cheong Fun (Original), which Singaporeans can enjoy right here at home. The rolled-up rice noodle sheets are served the traditional street-snack style, with a moreish mix of soya sauce, sesame peanut sauce, sweet sauce and chilli sauce. They are then topped with aromatic sesame seeds.



The fluffy bun is buttered then toasted until the outside achieves a delicate crispiness. Then, it is drizzled with condensed milk, which contributes a lovely sweetness. This staple is commonly served at Hong Kong’s authentic teahouses.

Tak Hing 德興



Hong Kong Fish Balls (original/with golden curry) are known as the pillars of Hong Kong street food. 

JLT brought in the most renowned Hong Kong Fishball brand, Tak Hing. They are famous for their authentic Hong Kong curry topping fishballs and the shop is patronized by many loyal customers and Hong Kong celebrities who called them the “Hong Kong Fishball King”. Its secret recipe, where the freshly-made fish paste is smooth and soft in texture, with no flour and no additives added and the fishballs are quality fresh fish meat, and seasoning.

One of the hottest snacks, HK fishballs are very flavorsome, nutritious, delicious and can be easily consumed any time of the day. It is the most popular street food in Hong Kong of all time! Now you can taste the best authentic HK fishballs at JLT Singapore.

These premium original authentic fish balls are generally served with s delicious aromatic HK flavoured curry sauce. It is definitely a delicious food you won’t want to stop eating.

We now bring the taste of Hong Kong to your doorstep!