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14 Aug 2020

More famous Hong Kong treats are coming to our shores and you can dig into them all at once.

Joy Luck Teahouse, slated to open as a takeaway kiosk by end-August in Ion Orchard’s food hall at basement level four, will sell Hong Kong-style fish balls, pineapple buns (bolo bun) and egg tarts by three popular brands.

13 Aug 2020

Joy Luck Teahouse, offering the three famous culinary treasures of Hong Kong — egg tarts, pineapple buns and milk tea, to open at ION Orchard on end August 2020.

A part of Hong Kong’s food legacy, these three offerings are recognised on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Hong Kong list. Besides the three items, Joy Luck Teahouse will also dole out Hong Kong Fish Balls and an array of Hong Kong-style beverages.

13 Aug 2020

Joy Luck Teahouse is veteran TV producer Robert Chua’s latest achievement. More than a year in the making, he has successfully brought three beloved Hong Kong culinary brands to Singapore’s shores. Hoover Cake Shop, Kam Kee Café, and Tak Hing Fish Ball Company are set to launch in Joy Luck Teahouse, located in Basement 4 of ION Orchard, by the end of this month.

13 Aug 2020

香港美食的三大瑰宝——蛋挞、菠萝包、奶茶,是到当时旅游时不可错过的。欢乐冰室(Joy Luck Teahouse)把豪华饼店、金记冰室和德兴鱼蛋公司的招牌美食带到新加坡,8月底可在ION Orchard的新食店尝到。


豪华饼家(Hoover Cake Shop)有两种招牌蛋挞:酥皮与牛油曲奇皮,馅料以高品质鸡蛋与牛油制作,顺滑绵密且甜度恰到好处,著名艺人周润发和汪明荃都是粉丝。